Meghann CotterMeghann Cotter is executive director of  Micah Ecumenical Ministries.
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Coming Home

There is something very important happening in our community in the just over 24 hours. At exactly midnight on May 6, the Community Foundation will launch its first effort to raise the most money ever in a single day.  There are more than 100 worthy causes that will be, if they have not already, seeking your interest in giving a donation during that specific 24-hour period. In the interest of supporting a lot of good that happens in our community, we hope you will consider a donation to one or more of the participating groups. Micah is, of course, one of your choices, and we hope this video will help you decide to donate in our favor.

For the last three weeks, we have offered up a number of testimonials that demonstrate the impact that Micah has had on the lives of the most challenged homeless in our community. You can still view them on Facebook or YouTube if you have missed them. We take great pride in these stories and the people in them, whose lives have been transformed because people like you were willing to make a contribution to their journey. I’ve said it time and again that homelessness only exists when people lack a support network to help them struggle along life’s lonely road. As a community of faith, Micah strives to walk that road with our neighbors in need. When people know they are not alone in their darkest hour, the road is manageable, their steps confident and their stride brisk. It is only then that those tattered, tired feet are strong enough to carry them home.