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Rumbles of thunder possible before noon

A strong high pressure is holding sway over Fredericksburg’s weather, fending off a stationary front to the south for one more day. Thus temperatures around the area will remain in the low 70s today. This front will push northward tonight and tomorrow bringing much warmer air behind it for the end of the work week.

Even though our surface winds are from the east the high pressure system is pushing small upper level disturbances in our direction courtesy of upper level winds from the northwest. The next such disturbance is now in western Pennsylvania and is headed our direction as shown in this satellite water vapor image:wv-l

Currently this “blob” of disturbed weather – currently containing a severe thunderstorm – is tracking east-southeast toward the ‘Burg. The rain from this system looks to arrive in the area by 11 a.m. so be prepared for some wet weather accompanied by some thunder and gusty winds. Today will wind up mostly cloudy but after this storm complex passes precipitation will be scarce the rest of the afternoon.

Tomorrow – Thursday – the stationary front will finally push northward and pass through the ‘Burg by mid-afternoon. The warm and sunny conditions behind it will push tomorrow’s high into the mid-80s! Summer-like stickiness won’t be an issue, however, as the associated dewpoint temperatures are only in the mid-50s behind this boundary. Thus Thursday will be shorts and sandals weather for those who have awaited such conditions after this zombie winter that wouldn’t go away!