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Spring weather on the first day after winter solstice

The winter solstice that occurred yesterday around lunchtime has had absolutely no correlation with the weather this weekend, and that won’t change today. Fredericksburg and vicinity was actually under a severe thunderstorm watch earlier this morning – which has since expired – and more thunderstorms could occur later today. While temperatures are well above normal again today the main concern from the approaching system will be gusty winds and rainfall totals. Check out this potential rainfall graphic from the Weather Prediction Center:

This graphic covers today and Monday and shows Fredericksburg (the white “x”) at the edge of a stripe of purple that represents 1.75 inches of rain. That total is representative of the very warm and moist air that has surged northward ahead of the approaching cold front. That boundary is currently bisecting the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee and is inexorably grinding its way toward us with much cooler and dryer air behind it.

A line of heavy rain is currently cresting the Blue Ridge and will take a couple more hours to reach the ‘Burg but you can rest assured this afternoon will be wet. Also, the winds will likely kick up as well as the showers bring some of the strong winds aloft down to the surface. Umbrellas may not be very effective if the rain turns horizontal with some of the heftier gusts. Monday morning will also continue to be rainy as the cold front won’t push through until early afternoon, when the spigot will finally shut off.

Behind the cold front normal late December temperatures will return but there’s no hope of a white Christmas for the ‘Burg. If you want to see the white stuff on the ground either (a) travel north or (b) look up photos on the internet. Hey, at least it will be bright and sunny the rest of this week!

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