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Weather Blog: Since Fredericksburg resides "in the seam" between the Richmond VA and Washington DC media markets this blog is a look at the weather from a Fredericksburg-centric point of view.

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Veterans Day remembrances to have decent weather

First and foremost:  today is Veterans Day.  Heartfelt thanks are due to all who have worn or are currently wearing the uniform of the U.S. military whether in peace or wartime.  As a military brat I was around service folks since birth and have always maintained respect for those who serve.  And not to forget yesterday:  Happy Birthday Marines!!

Today Fredericksburg will have at least partly sunny conditions as high clouds sneak into the area from time to time.  Temperatures will rise into the upper 50s with light southerly winds after a morning low of 31 degrees at the UMW weather station.  Enjoy today’s temperatures as the thermometer won’t rise into the upper 50s again until this coming weekend as we deal with a southward plunge of Arctic air.

Speaking of that here is a national radar mosaic from this morning:

Guess what that thin line of precipitation across the Great Lakes and northern Plains represents?  You got it on the first try…that’s the cold front.  As an example of what we can expect after the front passes our location let’s take a peek at conditions in Minneapolis MN. At midnight last night (our time) the city registered a temperature of 39 degrees, a dewpoint of 31, and a west wind at 7 mph.  The front passed through there shortly after that and at sunrise this morning they had a temperature of 25 degrees, the dewpoint had plunged to a skin-cracking 13 degrees, and the winds were blowing out of the north at 17 gusting to 23 mph.

Now it won’t get quite that cold in the ‘Burg following the frontal passage but you get the idea.  Regarding snow potential there is very little moisture for this front to work with so the light amount of precipitation that does fall will be squeezed out of relatively dry air. As for timing it appears that the boundary will work its way thru Fredericksburg before sunrise tomorrow while precipitation in the form of rain and snow showers will break out ahead of it as early as midnight tonight. Temperatures tomorrow morning will tumble under the cloud cover and gusty northerly winds.

Behind the front the leftover showers will all be in the form of white stuff that may accumulate on grassy surfaces in the morning.  The National Weather Service office in Sterling has an updated winter weather page that you can check out for details but a quick summary of their analysis provides a 40% probability of >0.1 inches of snow (that’s one-tenth of an inch) accumulating in the ‘Burg and vicinity. Tuesday’s high temperature is forecast to be 41 degrees after the sun breaks through the clouds during late afternoon but I wouldn’t count on the thermometer reading that warm for very long.  Let’s just say that “wind chill” will re-enter our vocabulary starting tomorrow.

After Tuesday the rest of this week will slowly warm back up to seasonal norms under sunny skies.  But I’d keep those winter jackets and coats handy as this coming Arctic blast won’t be the last one we’ll see this month.

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