By Chris White

Weather Blog: Since Fredericksburg resides "in the seam" between the Richmond VA and Washington DC media markets this blog is a look at the weather from a Fredericksburg-centric point of view.

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Hot Labor Day but then the march of the cold fronts begins

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Welcome to meteorological autumn!! Although most folks recognize Sept. 22 as the first day of autumn, meteorologists – being somewhat different – note that the change of weather patterns from summer to fall usually occurs closer to Sept. 1, thus today ushers in meteorological autumn.  The transition from summer heat to fall crispness will seem abrupt after this holiday weekend’s heat and humidity.

The high temperature today and Labor Day in Fredericksburg will likely broach the 90-degree mark with correspondingly high dew points creating summer stickiness in all its “glory.” The resulting atmospheric instability from the heat, humidity and sunshine will fire up more storms this afternoon. And although a morning check of two short-range models shows the storminess holding off for Fredericksburg until around sunset it would still be prudent to stay tuned to your weather radio and smartphone apps in case convection arrives earlier to affect your outdoor plans.

After summer’s final hurrah on Labor Day Monday the first cold front in a series will blast through during the wee hours Tuesday morning and open the gates to autumn weather. This week will bring comfortable temperatures and low dew points with highs in the very low 80s and morning lows near 60.  These pleasant conditions will continue as autumn’s “march of the cold fronts” begins as shown in this Weather Prediction Center forecast graphic for next Sunday morning:

The cold front (blue line with jagged teeth) shown approaching the mid-Atlantic is the third front to push our way this week.  You can see remnants of the second front off the southeastern U.S. coast with a fourth boundary poised up in central Canada.  The weather pattern is definitely changing from summer to fall.

Although this summer has been a lot less furnace-like than the summer of 2012 I’m sure there are a lot of folks in Fredericksburg who are longing for cooler and less humid weather.  Rest assured that it is on the way along with the new school year.