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No frost on the pumpkin…yet

If you haven’t seen frost at your location yet then your first frost date won’t happen this week.  This morning’s lows were in the mid and upper 30′s (F) around the area and will be the coolest temperatures we will see for about 7 more days.  Highs this week will range from today’s (Sunday’s) upper 60′s to the upper 70′s by Tuesday as a large surface high pressure system plops itself over the eastern seaboard for a while.

But then the other shoe drops.  Check out this Climate Prediction Center graphic for the period Oct 28 – Nov 3:

The cooler blue shades represent a cold air invasion that matches up pretty well with long range model forecasts of a shift in the overall weather pattern.  What does that mean for the ‘Burg?  After the balmy upcoming week that will feel more like September than late October we will need to drag out the jackets and sweaters for next week.  And Halloween – next Wednesday evening (10/31) – will likely require the trick-or-treaters to wear some warm layers underneath those costumes.

But, hey, November is almost upon us so the warm weather has to vamoose sometime soon.  Enjoy it while it’s here, but prepare for the wardrobe switch that’s coming.

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