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First a cool dip followed by more warm temperatures

Our abnormally warm conditions will resume after a commercial break for more average conditions today and tomorrow, during which we’ll experience high temperatures in the upper 50′s (F) Friday and near 50 Saturday courtesy of the cold front which pushed through here around 2:30 a.m. last night.  The howling southwesterly winds we felt yesterday have been replaced by a northwesterly breeze that will pick up in intensity as today wears on.  Those winds will calm down tonight and leave the ‘Burg with a chilly start to Saturday morning as temperatures dive to the upper 20′s.

After that there doesn’t appear to be any major storm systems on the horizon for a week or so.  Temperatures will again climb back into the 60′s and 70′s starting Sunday as a semi-stationary Bermuda high pumps warmer air up from the south.  We may see some showers Monday night and again some moisture late next week, but neither system looks to be very wet.  The memories of this week’s snow are fading fast…

A reminder:  the statewide tornado drill is scheduled for March 20th.  Severe weather season is already upon us per the events of the last week, so this would be a great opportunity to prepare and educate folks how to deal with severe weather here in Virginia.

2:20 p.m. UPDATE:  Oh yeah, remember to set your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night.  “Spring forward, fall back.”