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More cougar sightings reported in Spotsylvania

Wow. There have been many posts back and forth this morning on our Facebook page about today’s story. Was the photo really a mountain lion, or something else? More than a few of you also jokingly noted no shortage of “cougars” trolling area bars. But seriously, I thought I’d pass on a couple more reports from people in the area who swear they’ve seen mountain lions.

Kathy Steven, who lives in Spotsylvania, passed along this email:

“I live off of Rt 2 and Rt 17 in Spotsylvania Co. just a few miles outside of the Fburg train station. In the early 2000s my daughter and I were leaving out of my neighborhood and traveling on Jim Morris Road (Rt 608) in Spotsy and came across a cougar crossing the road. It was starting to get dark out, I had my headlights on and it walked onto the road from the brush and stopped and looked at us. I slowed down and stopped about 15 ft from it. It was clearly a cougar. Tan, stocky build, long tail and larger and longer than a German Shepard. It’s eyes glowed from my headlights and it turned away and walked across the road and off into the wood. I called the Game Warden to report the sighting. They informed me it was probably just passing through.”

And Frank Daly, who lives in Lancaster Gate off Massaponax Church Road in Spotsylvania, and his son, Frank Daly Jr.,  both called to tell me that they and  others in the development saw what they believed to be a cougar over the summer. The senior Daly  said he saw  a large catlike animal with a long tail cross a road.  The son,  who also spends lots of time in the woods, told me he  observed the front part of one in the woods before it darted away, and “saw paw prints” of a large cat nearby. He said he plans to look for other signs in the area.



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