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More on Western grebes

I recently put up a post about two Yorktown bird-watchers sighting a pair of them at Lake Anna. Turns out there may be more of the diving birds around the area. Here’s an email from Chester Guzek, general manager and superintendent of the Meadows Farms Golf Course:

“We have had a Grebe make his or her home here since June of 2012.  Brian, our mechanic, stated that “Grebe E”, as he is now known, was in fact a water bird and not a duck.  So Brian and I looked on the internet and in fact it was a Grebe.  Grebe E has made a home of a small pond here at the golf course and after reading your article I figured he got misplace by his buddies who made it to Lake Anna.  So far, Grebe E, has been the only Grebe here at the golf course.”

Guzek sent on the picture below, and also invited the Yorktown birders to the golf course for a look.

A Western grebe spotted at area golf course.