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Potomac Conservancy cites role of pollutants in river report

Polluted runoff from the land is a major source of pollution in the Potomac River, and additional action is needed now to continue progress in cleaning up the waterway, says the Potomac Conservancy. The Maryland-based river-protection group has released its latest State of the Nation’s River Report, which cited nutrients, pathogens, sediments and chemicals as the river’s main sources of pollution.

“With the 2012 elections now behind us, we must hold accountable our elected officials and ensure

that they fulfill their responsibility to strengthen clean water protections at all levels: federal, state

and local,” Hedrick Belin, president of the conservancy, said in a press release.

“Officials also have an obligation to provide sufficient financial resources to stop polluted runoff on the land, before it gets into the water.”

The Conservancy said three approaches are needed: strengthening state and local regulations to reduce non-point sources, such as runoff; increasing funding for clean water programs; and providing incentives and technical assistance to individual property owners. Read the report. Read the recommendations.

Read more on this topic, and about a related local program, in my story tomorrow.