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Dominion shutting Wisconsin nuclear plant

As Dominion power continues its quest for a third reactor at North Anna Power Station, it announced this morning that it couldn’t find a buyer for its 556 megawatt Kewaunee Power Station in Carlton, Wis. Dominion announced in April of last year that it was selling the plant, due to a lack of economies of scale and low Midwest power prices. The Kewaunee plant is expected to cease operations during the second quarter of 2013.  The shutdown would be followed by decommissioning the plant. Thomas F. Farrell II, Dominion’s president, chairman and chief executive, said in a statement: ”This was an extremely difficult decision, especially in light of how well the station is running and the dedication of the employees. This decision was based purely on economics. Dominion was not able to move forward with our plan to grow our nuclear fleet in the Midwest to take advantage of economies of scale.” Read the company’s press release here.  Meanwhile, Dominion’s application for a combined license to add a Unit 3 at North Anna is before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and is expected by 2015. Dominion has not yet said whether it will proceed with Unit 3, but that would depend upon market conditions, projected electricity demand and other factors. Dominion also owns the Surry Power Station along the James River and the Millstone Power Station in Connecticut.