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Telling a Rappahannock tale

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this novel way of telling the river’s story. This spring, American Rivers, the National Park Service and Friends of the Rappahannock  teamed up to create River Stories, a web-based storytelling format that aims to engage people in understanding, enjoying, and conserving their waterways. Using National Geographic Maps’  GeoStories platform, River Stories combines maps, photos and video to take viewers on virtual tours of waterways across the country, allowing them to experience the journey on the water and see how people are making a difference locally. The Rappahannock is one of 10 rivers featured in the series. FOR Executive Director John Tippett had this to say about the Rappahannock’s turn in the spotlight: “The Rappahannock River tells an incredible story that links mountain, piedmont and tidal communities. From the first tumbling of the spring-fed streams in the Blue Ridge to the expansive tidal reach as it meets the Chesapeake Bay at Windmill Point, the diversity of the river mirrors the diversity of the landscape and people. It presents an incredible opportunity for connection for those who live here, and enhances the opportunities that local outfitters, localities and tourism establishments can offer to those who come from outside the basin…”