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Another aftershock; still some shakin’ going on

It was minimal, to be sure, but aftershocks continue from last summer’s earthquake. The U.S. Geological Survey says the latest one, at 1:04 this morning,  was a magnitude-1.7 shock, centered about eight miles southwest of Mineral. Mineral, in Louisa County, was the epicenter of the magnitude-5.8 tremor that shook much of the East Coast last Aug. 23. There have been a couple similar aftershocks, most of them felt only by seismic instruments over the last month. For example, there were two on March 7–a magnitude-1.6, was around 3 a.m., its epicenter about four miles south of the town of Louisa. Fifty-two minutes later, a 1.7-magnitude aftershock hit about five miles south of Mineral. There have been over 50 aftershocks over magnitude  2.0 since the earthquake, according to USGS.