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Easement preserves Rappahannock River farm

A 640-acre Middlesex County farm with about seven miles of frontage on the lower Rappahannock River has been preserved through a conservation easement, Gov. Bob McDonnell says. According to a press release, the agreement was  reached by landowner Minnie K. Burch, the Virginia Outdoors Foundation,  and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.      According to the Virginia Outdoors Foundation, the tract contains some of the most highly productive farmland in the region, and the easement will ensure that the farm will continue on. The easement protects the property’s prime soils and shoreline by restricting future development. The land can never be divided and there are limits on the size and number of buildings and structures. In addition, the landowner will follow a conservation plan which will conserve the soil and water quality through farming practices such as no-till.. View a slide show, and read more here.