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Aftershock triggers “unusual event” declaration at North Anna

Once again, an aftershock from last summer’s earthquake prompted operators at North Anna Power Station in Louisa County to report an “unusual event” to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Richard Zuercher, a spokesman for Dominion power, says a report is filed with the NRC  if the tremor is felt in the control room.  An inspection was done after the magnitude-3.1 aftershock hit at 11:21 p.m. Sunday, and no damage was discovered.  Unit 1 is shut down for refueling; Unit 2 continues to operate at full power.  The last unusual event was declared after a  magnitude 3.2  aftershock in January.  There have been dozens of aftershocks in excess of magnitude 2.0, since the 5.8-magnitude earthquake last Aug. 23. The plant sits about 11 miles from the epicenter near Mineral.