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Earthquake monitoring at North Anna

In the wake of last summer’s magnitude-5.8 earthquake, North Anna Power Station has installed  a new seismic monitor, and updated another. Dominion workers added a Syscom Strong Motion sensor, which  detects significant ground movement, or accel eration, during a quake. The equipment is designed to detect damaging quakes, such as the one last Aug. 23, which shut down the plant’s two nuclear reactors.  It’s a temporary unit; a permanent one is to be installed by Dec. 31. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission ordered that the equipment, next to the plant’s training center, be installed as part of  its decision last November  to allow  the reactors to restart.  Another seismic monitor in the control room that lost power during the quake now has a back-up battery system. North Anna and other  commercial nuclear power plants in the U.S.  will be doing more seismic-related enhancements in coming months as a result of the earthquake, and a separate review of the tsunami and earthquake that hit the Fukushima Daiichi plant last March on Japan’s northern coast. Read my story Wednesday for more details. See my most recent story here.