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`Crap in the Rapp II’

Rich Seely, who sent me a photo he shot of the spilled sewage in the river last week, sent me this  follow-up image this morning, taken about the same time after a city pump station near Caroline and Ford streets, malfunctioned.  We now know that over 1,000 gallons of sewage spilled; it may have been much more.  Seely told me in an email: “I’ve seen no attempt whatsoever to try to contain or treat the spill. Without going into a long diatribe … on a typical day there are people fishing from the City Docks, taking home their catch of shad, catfish, or bass to their families for dinner.” Over the past few days, the city has tested the water, and says there’s no  more danger of any potentially harmful waterborne bacteria.  Signs at the landing advising people to avoid contact with the water were removed yesterday.  Here’s my story today on the spill.

Here's another troubling image at City Dock of last week's sewage spill.