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More on uranium mining

Yet another perspective on uranium mining in Virginia is out today. A study commissioned by the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission says there are major economic benefits for Virginia, and the Southside region in particular. The study, by  Chmura Econmics & Analytics, says that Virginia Uranium Inc.’s plan to mine and mill the mineral at its Coles Hill site in Pittsylvania County would  generate 1,000 jobs, $135 million in economic benefits and $3.1 million in local and state taxes annually over the 35-year life of the project.  There are caveats in the study based on the duration of the project, demand for uranium, and so forth. The Virginia General Assembly is expected in its upcoming session to consider whether a 29-year moratorium on uranium mining should be lifted.

“The study clearly demonstrates the enormous positive economic impact our project will have on businesses, families and communities throughout the Southside region and validates what our company has been all about from the very beginning,” Patrick Wales,  Virginia Uranium project manager, said in a press release. Another report, by  the National Academy of Sciences, is also due out this week. Read my story on a  recent  report by the James River Basin Association here, and a story about the Garden Club of Virginia’s forum  earlier this month here.