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Roanoke conservation group puts out report on proposed uranium mining site

The Roanoke River Basin Association today put out a report on the Coles Hill site in Pittsylvania County where Virginia Uranium Inc. wants to mine a rich deposit of uranium. The gist of the study, by Robert Moran: that the proposed project would cause “long-term, chronic degradation of water quality and increase water competition in the region.”  The company has maintained that the project can be done in an environmentally sound way, including protecting water resources from waste generated on the site. Virginia lawmakers in their next session are expected to take up a request by the company to lift a 29-year moratorium on uranium mining.  The topic is of interest here because Marline Uranium Corp. in the late-1970s  leased thousands of acres of land  west of Fredericksburg for a project that never materialized.  Read my most recent story here.