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Louisa group plans Dominion protest

Not on Our Fault Line is planning a  protest at Dominion power headquarters in Richmond next week. The newly formed group of activists, and some Louisa County residents, says it wants North Anna Power Station’s two nuclear reactors on Lake Anna to remain shut down until they can be safely restarted.  Both Dominion and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have said  that is the plan.  The Sept. 27 protest outside  the Dominion Building at 701 Cary St. begins at noon. 

Paxus Calta, a  Louisa resident and longtime opponent of Dominion’s plans to add a third reactor at North Anna, says the magnitude-5.8 earthquake on Aug. 23 prompted the formation of the group to counter what he says is an effort by Dominion to prematurely restart Units 1 and 2.  The name Not on Our Fault refers  to the fact that the plant was built  in one of Virginia’s seismically active areas, the Central Virginia Seismic Zone. Calta, former board chair of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service in Washington D.C., says in the press release, ”There are over eight miles of underground piping which carries radioactive water beneath North Anna. Dominion has given no information about how they have checked these pipes to make sure they are not contaminating the ground and drinking water near the lake.  The public has a right to know it is safe from these toxins.”

Dominion  says inspections to date have found no damage to piping, though some pipe insulation was affected.

“We’re still getting aftershocks every two or three days. We could have another earthquake at this magnitude or greater,” Calta  said.  He says Units 1 and 2 should be  brought up to the same higher seismic standard used for the planned Unit 3.

 Dominion says  the plant withstood ground motion greater than that for which it was designed, and that there was minimal damage, and no damage to safety or operating equipment.

Calta, who lives in Louisa,  says members of the group plan  to attend a meeting Oct. 3 at North Anna’s information center, at which NRC inspectors’ post-quake analysis will be discussed.

For more information on Not on Our Fault Line, contact Paxus Calta at 541-505-0803.  Read the full release. Click here for information from Dominion about North Anna’s earthquake impact, and here for quake information put out by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.