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NRC staff schedules meeting on augmented inspection team report

What did the augmented team of inspectors find in the aftermath of the magnitude-5.8 earthquake that shook North Anna Power Station on Aug. 23? The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff will meet at 1 p.m.  Oct. 3  at the plant’s information center in Louisa County to discuss their findings.  Shortly after the quake, the NRC said there were preliminary indications that the ground motion had exceeded the plant’s design limit. Dominion Virginia Power last week confirmed that in a meeting with the NRC, noting, however, that  none exceeded the level that the station subsequently demonstrated it could withstand.  (Read more on Dominion’s presentation here.) The meeting will include members of the NRC inspection team as well as managers from NRC headquarters in Rockville, Md., and  its Region II office in Atlanta. After the results are presented to Dominion, NRC staff will be available to answer questions.

During the quake, the North Anna station’s two units automatically shut down, and will remain so until Dominion it can demonstrate that no systems needed for safe operation were compromised, the NRC says. The augmented inspection team will release its final report later in October.  See my previous story here.