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Reporters to get a look inside North Anna plant

In the wake of developments at North Anna Power Station since last Tuesday’s earthquake, Dominion power has invited reporters along for a tour of the site on Lake Anna tomorrow morning. Some damage to support buildings, pipe insulation, and transformer bushings was reported after the units shut down automatically when the quake hit and off-site power was lost.  The company and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are looking into the possibility that vibration (ground-force acceleration) exceeded the plant’s design limit.  Yesterday, Dominion disclosed that 25 of  27 115-ton vertical spent-fuel casks shifted up to four inches on their pads.  The casks were not damaged. Dominion says plant equipment worked as designed,  and that there has been no significant damage to any critical components.  Meanwhile,  an augmented NRC inspection team is looking into what happened, how equipment was affected, and how operators handled the situation.  Read my most recent stories here and here.