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Bobcats amongst us

I know there are bobcats around here, but I’ve never seen one. So I’m relying on friends like Lou Cordero, a freelance photographer who lives in Sumerduck. He sent me this photo he shot at  C.F. Phelps Wildlife Management Area in Fauquier. Here’s his description of the  elusive feline predator: “The bobcat had black rings around his legs and tail.  The back of his feet and tips of his ears and  tail were black.  I have seen bigger bobcats at Graves Mountain Lodge” in Madison County in past years.  He shot the pictures with a point-and-shoot, low-resolution camera late in the evening. According to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, these are not anything like your ordinary house cat—up to 40 inches long and 10 to 25 pounds, with a short tail and relatively long legs. They tend to be reddish-brown, spotted and streaked with black. The department website says they’re most common in the western part of the state, but can be found throughout Virginia. So next time you put out the cat food….

Photographer Lou Cordero got this shot of an elusive bobcat at Phelps Wildlife Management Area.


  • Mandy

    Looks like a normal stray male tabby to me! bobcats ive seen that were caught near the Crow’s nest def,. dont look like a tabby! plus that cat has a long tail!

  • Andrea

    Pretty sure that is not a bobcat in the picture…


    dude, bobcat my arse. thats a displaced house KITTY. this is why city folk should stay in the city.

  • Mandy

    My maine coon is bigger than that tabby!. hahah.. a bobcat def doesnt look like that.. OMG theres a black cat that stalks my house. MUST BE A PANTHER!! run!!! people will believe anything.. geebus get real!

  • Andrea

    Sorry – this does not look like a BobCat to me either – it doesn’t even match your own discription…. Please dont confuse people who have no clue, next large kitty cats are going to be in people’s sites as BobCats…..

  • JC

    That looks like my cat… Mmmm I wonder what she was doing outside without my permission…

  • Mike

    I’m on the fence about this one. It does look like the tip of the tail and ears are black. But I can’t be certain because, as with all the previous posters, I wasn’t there. I just think it’s funny how everyone who comments on these things is just dying to prove someone wrong. It’s probably because they don’t get the chance to be right too often.You just can’t be certain with such a poor photo.

  • Mandy

    ^ dude look up a picture of a BOBCAT if you havent seen one before this thing is like a kitten compared to a actual BOBCAT! look at the clearance of its belly to the ground its a small cat someone took up close with a cam phone.. grainy picture or not you can still tell its no elusive bobcat! when i get home im gonna lay on the ground take a pic up close of my black panther that stalks my house!