Water, Earth, Sky

Scott Shenk writes about the environment.

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Watching the river run

Every time it rains a lot,  I see them: the river watchers who stop along the bluff at Riverside Drive,  the pull-off at Fall Hill Avenue, or City Dock, to see the wild side of the Rappahannock –full of power, a roaring, almost animate being. I stopped by City Dock for lunch today and saw them, two guys parked next to me who were also watching the chocolate-brown water surge by. Also there: a man with his young daughter up

Under water yesterday, the benches at City Dock have reappeared.

 on his shoulders. As he approached the landing, he looked up at her with a smile: “You ready to go swimming?”

The river takes on an almost otherworldly appearance as its serene side is forgotten, if only for a few days.