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NRC directive includes North Anna

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission wants the nation’s 104 commercial nuclear power plants, including those at Dominion’s North Anna Power Station on Lake Anna in Louisa County, to explain how they will deal with extreme events. This comes in the wake of the ongoing Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster in Japan. The NRC issued a bulletin yesterday, giving the utilities until June 10 to respond.  I’ll have a story coming with more details.


  • Dave

    Hey, it’s simple – if a GE mark 1 boiling water reactor loses power – it blows up. Simple. Of course they have all sorts of safety backups, but if it loses power, it blows. It’s baked in the design. In fact check out this examination of why Fukushima’s reactor 3 explosion was sooo different from reactor 1′s – there had to be a reason that bits of fuel rods were found up to 2 miles away… It’s not info the industry wants out there

    And if his deductions are correct (I wonder if we’ll ever find out) Fukushima will certainly have a first!