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Hooked on herring

People were lining up this morning to get their fresh fish, but not at the corner supermarket

Anglers were lined up at City Dock for herring and shad.

  The fishermen standing shoulder to shoulder at City Dock were after herring –to salt down, or use for bait. Around lunchtime, Sean Jackson of Woodford pulled in a  herring, tossing it in a white, five-gallon bucket containing about a dozen of the fish, which head up the Rappahannock River each spring to spawn.  One angler nearby was pulling them in two at a time. Herring are not the only fish answering an age-old call to swim up the river. Two types of shad–hickory and American–are also in, along with striped bass. One man said a 38-inch striper was caught this morning at the dock at the end of Sophia Street. The fish run will continue for a couple more weeks, and things will get back to normal and crowd at the dock will thin out.


  • Carol Laing

    Hi, I live in Front Royal and my son is in KY. We want to come to Fredericksburg to catch some of those herring and maybe the hickory shad too – would love to can some of them. My son will be making a special trip here to fish. Does anyone out there have any more up to date info about whether or not either the herring or the shad are running? I sure would love to know before he makes that trip from Ky to Va. It is SAt, April 16, 2011. I’d really appreciate any info you all could share. Thanks! Carol in VA