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Another eagle

At some point, I know  I’ll have to stop posting these. But….just….can’t….resist.  It happened again this afternoon on the Chatham Bridge, as I was heading back to the office from a funeral.  High in  a tree on the Stafford side of the Rappahannock, a bald eagle was perched on a limb.   It didn’t seem  to be in a hurry, maybe  scanning the swirling brown water for a snack. Perhaps it was taking a break from a nest nearby.  In  a post last week, I mentioned that  eagle sightings are becoming almost commonplace.


  • Laura

    I grew up in Virginia and while I always heard we were supposed to have bald eagles–that they were among our native species–I never saw one or knew anyone who had. I’d probably lived in Fredericksburg eight or nine years before i ever saw one. I remember when Caledon first started giving eagle tours and what a thrill it was to think they were back in great enough numbers i might actually see one. Then when i did finally see one, I about levitated. i love it that eagles are getting to be downright commonplace now, but i still get a thrill when i see one. i was on vacation out west a few years ago and was fortunate to see a bred-in-captivity and released California condor–tag number 32–while hiking in Zion National Park. Here’s hoping they can stage a comeback to breed in the wild as successfully as eagles do.