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Conservation tax donation

There’s a new way to contribute to the preservation of  natural areas in Virginia:  by donating all or part of your state income tax refund to the Open Space and Recreation Conservation Fund. The fund is used to acquire new lands for recreational use or land preservation, to develop and maintain state park facilities, and for matching grants for local outdoor-recreation projects. Crow’s Nest in Stafford County was a beneficiary of that fund.

In a press release, the Department of Conservation and Recreation says  that contributions to the fund can be made on Schedule ADJ, which accompanies the individual tax return Form 760. To choose the Open Space Conservation and Recreation Fund, filers must write in code number 68 on lines 22a-22c of the form.

Virginia taxpayers who don’t receive refunds still may contribute to the fund. For more information, contact the Virginia Department of Taxation at 804-367-8031 or visit the  website.