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Builder faces fine for runoff problems

Beazer Homes, a national builder with some projects in the Fredericksburg area, has agreed to pay a $925,000 fine to resolve alleged Clean Water Act violations in 21 states.

Eight developments in Virginia with runoff issues are cited ; the local sites include Austin Landing in Stafford County, Fawn Lake in Spotsylvania County and Somerset Farms in Locust Grove.As part of a consent decree  filed in U.S. District Court in Tennessee on behalf of the EPA and six states, Beazer Homes agreed to implement a company wide stormwater program to improve its com pliance at current and future construction sites. See my story in Sunday’s Business section for more details.



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  • Sally Haydon

    Stafford County gave permits to neighbor direct behind me
    for garage to fit large equipment one side, reg shed other
    side. I have had my yard erodied and moved over to the next yard and water has runined my whole yard. total
    erosion. contacted county & state. told was my probleme he
    was given permits. yard was beautiful & tried to get county
    & state to do something. Lost husband and he had yard so
    perect and now nothing level.or beautiful. washes everytime
    raines. water goes underground because holes around the
    garage has large holes around foundation of huge garage.
    still my problem. both say my land, my problem. their water
    fills around huge, deep frame and makes tunnels and they
    just say natural water flow. why since 1975 the land never
    had standing water or deep holes or streams, but they say
    I own the land so my problem. yes he had permits,, but did
    nothing about storm water drainage and now my neighbor
    has my land and I have big holes, uneven ground and building falling. They have been here and worse everytime
    but all I get is different reasons. It is just my problem but since 1975 there has never been a problem . this has nothing to do with beazer homes but it not always the builder because this man had permits, so I am told. My
    husband died helping a vietnam vetran fight for his rights
    and this would kill him with all the years he worked so hard
    to have a perfect yard and enjoyed it. We have lost all the
    way around and there is not a lawyer that will take either
    case. All these years for what, but he is not here to see this