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Mixed bag for area recycling

You’d think that in this age of recycling, area localities would be pretty consistent in their efforts. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong. There’s quite a disparity, according to the state’s annual recycling report. While the Fredericksburg area has improved from 47 percent in 2007 to 51.4 percent last year, individual localities had numbers as low as the low teens.


  • havingfun

    The issues are cost and convenience.

    We have to pay EXTRA to get recycling service with our trash pickup in Spotsy. Many people will not do that.

    We also can only recycle aluminum, plastic and glass. There is no single stream for paper, cardboard, etc. So, we don’t recycle any paper in our house because they won’t pick it up.

    If we had one container for all recycling items that was part of our regular trash service, I am sure you would see the numbers increase!

  • loverecycle

    we need to stop making excuses and come together as a community and recycle. just because your trash service does not pick up all recycles. Stop being lazy and recycle the rest and take it yourself. Thats all we have to do….it does not take that long, We recycle everything and things are recycle service does take we take. It is unbelievable people are lazy

  • Virginia

    Recycling in the Fredericksburg area is just not convenient for people like me who work and have children to cater to every day. If the waste companies would pick it up from peoples’ houses for free…. then I along with many others would recycle. I have a life; I don’t just have time to go to the dump and waste an hour of my life on some cans and bottles and paper. I have a life and i cater to my family.. not my recyclables. sorry

  • Bob Mitchell

    Recycling is simple. JUST DO IT! Those that make excuses are just doing that…making excuses. I have very little time to make the “recycling run” but I do it because it’s the right thing to do.

  • stacey

    I too have a family and busy schedule but I make it point to take the weeks recycling with me on Sundays when we are driving around running errands already. Sure it is a bit out of the way, but not THAT far that it would interrupt your schedule. I take the kids with me and they like knowing they help recycle.

  • http://Recycling Marler

    We recently changed company for trash pickup. We now have J&E Recycling from Fredericksburg (540-317-1845).
    They do single-stream recycling in Spotsylvania. They furnish one covered 32GL bin on wheels for trash and one for recycling. They pick up recycling once a week…and trash twice a week. The amount of trash we put out is about half of what we had before recycling. The recycling bin is full each week.

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