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North Anna tritium report

Dominion power reported a spike of tritium  in one of its groundwater monitoring wells at North Anna Power Station. The company told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Friday that the amount is below NRC reporting requirements, but that it made the report voluntarily.  Dominion says there is no danger to the public or plant employees. A radioactive form of hydrogen, tritium is a byproduct of electricity  production at nuclear power plants,  and can wind up in ground water through spills or leaking pipes.  It has been an issue at some other nuclear plants. See my story tomorrow for more details.


  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Should we be afraid or is this just another warning of things to come. When “ground water” becomes part of the safety equation and nuclear dialogue, just who’s ground water are you talking about?

    Fort Detrick is still trying to worm its way out of a hole that was dug with the assistance of Agent Orange. Clusters of cancer are the hot topic.

    Wonder how that translates to radioactice forms of hydrogen melting into ground water from an undisclosed leak in a pipe that has yet to be patched or declared safe after one takes a drink of water from their ground well?

    Is denial the only remedy for making clean water drinkable?