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More on North Anna reactor

Dominion power today revealed a “Plan B” if it does not build a  proposed Unit 3 at North Anna Power Station  on Lake Anna. Thomas F. Farrell, the company’s president and chief executive officer, told the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Power & Gas Leaders Conference in New York today that if it doesn’t build Unit 3, it will need another plant that would generate the roughly 1,300 megawatts of power the nuclear unit would produce, The Associated Press reported.  Farrell also said  that Dominion is looking for a partner in the project. An application for a combined license to build and operate Unit 3 is pending before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


  • Michael Stuart

    What was the “Plan B” that Dominion revealed? The need to build an alternate source of power does not constitute a plan. And, considering that Dominion not only needs to meet the growing energy needs of Virginia, but also replace older facilities that must surely be retired at some point in the futre, we’re going to need more than a plan. Building 1300 megawatts of baseload power doesn’t happen in one year or even three. Virginia needs to be carring out that plan as soon as possible or be resigned to accept buying power generated outside of our state at whatever price the market forces dictate. Virginia is already the second largest importer of electricity in the United States. I don’t think we want to take California’s #1 spot.