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Not impressed with watershed plan

Environmental groups across the state  weighed in on Virginia’s draft Watershed Implementation Plan for the Chesapeake Bay, released  earlier this month by Gov. Bob McDonnell. They are  not impressed, saying it fails to take an action approach to cleaning up pollution to the bay and its tributaries, and that specifics are lacking.  In a conference call with reporters this afternoon,  representatives of the Sierra Club,  Virginia League of Conservation Voters,  Piedmond Environmental Council,  Friends of  the Rivers of Virginia, and Friends of the Rappahannock, were unanimous in their verdict that the plan falls significantly short.  John Tippett, executive director of Friends of the Rappahannock,  said  the failings are illustrated  by the ’80s Wendy’s commercial asking “Where’s the Beef?,”  as in where’s the detail and where’s the money coming from.  The  WIP allocates pollution loads for harmful substances, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, and ways to achieve them. Read more about this  in my story Saturday.


  • Harvest rain water

    Rain water harvesting is the answer to many woes.

    It prevents runoff that carries sediment and pollutants to bay.

    It’s cleaner than ground water.

    Does not need softener.

    Free water.

    Inexpensive to purify, ((ultraviolet purifier.))

    Currently in use in Israel, Germany, Bermuda, Hawaii, Texas, and many arid climates around the world.

    The catch, gov’t cannot charge for water and hookups, and cannot create gov’t jobs to burden taxpayer