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Leaky dike

There’s an apparent leak in one of the dikes at North Anna Power Station.  Dominion power yeterday reported a wet area on dike six, which sits next to a settling pond at the plant near Mineral on Lake Anna. The report was noted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission this morning. The company says the pond is used to contain storm water and other runoff water before it goes back into the lake. Dominion is investigating the cause of the leak and that there is no threat to the power station or the public. View the NRC report here.


  • stuartmj

    It amazes me that a dribble from leaking storm-water barrier is news. How many times has anyone ever saw an article about a leaking storm water barrier? This is a first for me.

    Honestly, if a toilet backed up at a nuclear station, I think it would make the news.