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Gaye Adegbalola to perform at UMW Thursday

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Gaye Adegbalola

Gaye Adegbalola, local blues singer and guitarist, teacher, lecturer, activist and photographer, will speak and perform on Thursday at the University of Mary Washington in an event called “Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Gay Rights and the Blues.”

The event, which is free and open to the public, will begin at 7 p.m. in Dodd Auditorium.

Adegbalola’s performace is sponsored by the “Race & Revolution: James Farmer & the Struggle for Civil Rights” first-year seminar at UMW.

For more information, call 540-654-1023.


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  • Calvin Jenkins

    Voting rights? Who the f— can’t vote?

    • Calvin Jenkins

      Wait…let me guess. People whose last names end with ‘z’?

    • Joseph_Riviera

      Come on man! “…and the Blues!”

      It should be a tremendous event, worthy of our support, both black and white and all colo….. zzzzzzzzz. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

    • Ghastly

      People with out identification, kids, felons, etc.

  • mandy brown

    Struggle for civil rights??? are you kidding me. We have an African American in the White House. An African American is our Commander in Chief…at what point will feel the “struggle” will be over? These events just promote hatred. Lets promote the family unit and getting off your couch and find a job.

    • Ghastly

      I don’t want a job. I’m retired.

    • General Burnsthighs

      you must be white…

  • from here

    Mandy, nothing here says it’s about current Civil Rights “struggles”. Gaye has been involved in Fredericksburg’s Civil Rights issues since the 60′s. If you’ve never heard her you should go, you will NOT hear hatred promoted in any way.

    And what’s with the “get off the couch” comment? This is being presented by the University. Has nothing to do with welfare?

    • i1776

      “Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Gay Rights and the Blues.” Hmmm where have we heard these all lumped together before…minus the “Blues”…hmmm…

    • General Burnsthighs

      Racists think any time they see a black person, welfare is somehow involved. She’s just racist.

  • i1776

    It is called “ITS IN THE CONSTITUTION”. What a farce! And this is where parents pay for kids to lern dem sumptin. Great. Keep up the “struggle” nyuk nyuk nyuk.

    • Ghastly

      That sounds just like something a teafascists would say.

      • i1776

        You need sum skoolin’ son. Fascists? Look em’ up. Bet you dont have a clue son. Get one.

        • Ghastly

          Well daughter, I must have hit a nerve.

  • i1776

    We got Gaye, now we got us a Cesar Chavez family member coming down to teach us sumthin about borders and salsa! Whew! We sure are lucky to keep a great “University” like this around.