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Gas prices continue to drop

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Leading into the July 4 holiday, predictions for summertime gas prices were grim.gas pump

Historically, gas prices tend to ease down after the spring or early summer peak, but experts waxed negative about this summer’s prices at the pump.

Thankfully for drivers, the experts were wrong. At least so far.

Gas prices have been dropping nationally and locally for the past month.

Local prices, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic, have dropped five cents in the past week, 22 cents in the past month and 24 cents since last year at this time.

National prices are dropping at the same clip, although Virginia prices are lower.

“Abundant refinery production has trumped geopolitical tensions for now,” AAA’s Martha M. Meade said in a release. “Even with crude prices continuing to trade above $100, AAA anticipates gas prices will continue to slide.

If you’re looking for the best gas prices, check AAA’s Fuel Finder or


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