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Study predicts big growth, transportation challenges

***For readers of the Getting There column, here is the link to the Super NoVa Transit/TDM  Vision Plan study.

For those of you who didn’t read the column, here’s a little background on the study, which was recently released by the state. It paints a scary driving future for the region … and our area. The study looks ahead to 2040, so no need to worry just yet. But transportation planning runs on a different time zone than we do. With transportation, you have to look well ahead just to keep up.

The study, in short, finds that mass transit (especially buses and ridesharing) might be the best way to handle transportation needs in the future.

Our area already is overflowing and roads are congested, and the study points this out. But things will get much more crowded over the next few decades, according to the study.

The predictions of the study are daunting, especially if you take a spin around here during rush hour. For instance, the study predicts that the population in our area (the study covered Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Caroline and King George) will more than double by 2040. So will the number of commuters.

The study has details on growth and commuter patterns; the current transportation infrastructure situation and the future; and general plans to deal with it all.


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