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Chatham Bridge getting some pavement touch-ups

It hasn’t been long since the Chatham Bridge was repaved, but Virginia Department of Transportation crews had to dig up several spots this week where the asphalt was breaking up.

VDOT’s Tina Bundy said the contractor didn’t adequately pave around the joints, so when vehicles drove over them asphalt started to break loose.

The problem areas are where VDOT had to patch deteriorated areas of the bridge’s concrete deck before the pavement was spread. Those concrete patches were also breaking apart and had to be fixed by VDOT crews, Bundy said.

She said eight to nine spots had to be fixed and that part of the work was supposed to be finished Wednesday.

The contractor, Virginia Paving, will repave the areas at no costs, Bundy said. That work should be finished this week, depending on the weather, she added.

The milling and paving project on the bridge started in early October and included a stretch of eastbound Route 3 to the Blue and Gray Parkway in Stafford.



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