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Sixty-one years ago, the three-year Korean War came to an end with the signing of an armistice agreement July 26, 1953.

The next day’s issue of The Free Lance–Star featured a picture of “four tired, bearded and grimy U.S. Marines just off the fighting line on western Korean front” reading the welcome news.

There was also a story about local residents who greeted the news hopefully as they awaited word of their loved ones who were missing in action.

Eighty-one Virginians died in Korea between 1950–53. Three of them were 20-year-olds from the Fredericksburg area.


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  • i1776

    But you see, they don’t answer to you and they don’t answer to me. They’re unaccountable like the rest of our government. They can violate the laws, even the Constitution with impunity. For the most part the “free press” has become one with them so now there’s even less accountability. We are in a mess and nothing will change for the better unless the press does its job and the voters show up. And I don’t mean the ones who are unaware the earth orbits the sun either…

  • Mary Trout

    Dick Hammerstrom – Many local citizens would be interested in knowing why the Commonwealth allows elected officials to use private email addys when conducting official business. You have to rely on some possibly unethical officials that delete emails instead of saving them for such FOIA requests. I’ve done some research. In reading where the courts and other elected officials have made strong opinions and statements for not using private email, why doesn’t someone rally around this to get it changed permanently. While county/local/state web servers are not error free, it’s a better option than those of Yahoo, Google, etc.

  • MartinWork

    Enabling the publics right to know. “As the law stands, any rejection of FOIA request have to be taken to Circuit Court…a potentially costly course of action and one that elected officials and their civil service will discourage requesters from going any further. This is particularly the case when government officials really don’t want this information getting out”…and about. It’s “a favorite tactic used to discourage the public from seeking documents and other information is to make the request so expensive that applicants can’t afford it.”
    How many times has this same strategy played out in Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George, Caroline counties and Fredericksburg City, in just the last 5 years? Isn’t this some part of the same strategy used and abused by local and REGIONAL governance, so as not to be found out or held accountable for conducting REGIONAL business agendas well outside the public domain. Why does anyone think and believe they play no part in the SYSTEM and PROCESS, because they are not allowed to know the truth of the matters, in the first place, while being invited to oneway conversations they are not even allowed to be part of. This REGION is as stagnant as it ever will be and not unlike the states of Virginia, Wisconsin, New Jersey, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Florida, just to name a few collaborations that DICTATE to the public conscience and price the truth out of the publics need to know.

    Simply said, elected governance and their minnions don’t inspire public trust, any more so than the “done deals” that continue to marginalized citizen participation in what used to be a DEMOCRACY and DUE PROCESS.