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As you probably know by now, New Jersey governor Chris Christie is in a bit of hot water after several of his aides created a traffic jam, that endangered lives in addition to being inconvenient, as political payback toward a mayor who didn’t endorse Christie.

Now Christie is saying he didn’t have anything to do with it.  Yeah, he’s been a bully throughout his term but maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt.  Though Republicans never want to give Obama the benefit of the doubt when someone in his administration messes up.  They believe Obama was micro-managing Fast And Furious, The IRS scandal and other things.  I’ve seen a lot of conservatives get upset the media is reporting the bridgegate story while not talking more about fake Obama scandals that are over a year old.  It’s called “news”, people.  Deal with it.

Does this hurt Christie’s chances at being elected president?  This scandal will be old news in three years…though if it’s a Democratic scandal the GOP will never stop harping on it.  What hurts Christie’s chances at being the GOP nominee for president is that he’s a moderate.  They already nominated a moderate and his name was Mitt Romney and he was smoked during the last election.

The other basis for this cartoon is that Christie is considered a “Rhino.”  That’s what conservatives call a moderate Republican, or one who simply thinks for himself.  They are rare.  Almost as rare as the Black Rhino which some conservation group in Texas (why does this stuff always happen in Texas?) is auctioning off the right to shoot one.  I don’t think you’re sending the right message about saving an endangered species by giving someone the opportunity to shoot one.  Duh!!!

Hard Right Republicans don’t really like Christie.  He doesn’t support their agenda.  He’s said nice things about Obama.  The GOP would love to put him down, but not at the expense of their party.  They’ll take him over Democrats….but they’ll fight him like crazy if he runs for president.