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Needy Walmart Employees

I saw a headline on social media about an Ohio Walmart holding a food drive for it’s own employees.  I don’t initially believe everything I read on social media…especially on social media.  A lot of stories sound true but they’re not.  A lot don’t sound true but stupid people will believe and share anything, especially if it’s something they want to believe like “Obama’s coming to take our guns” or “there are death panels” or just about anything a right winger will post about Obama.  That’s why I love Snopes.  For this story I didn’t need Snopes.  I found it on Time, Forbes, Business Insider, NPR, ABC, etc.

Is there any bolder statement that you don’t pay your employees a living wage by running a food drive for them?  So while you’re buying an $8.00 flannel shirt made by an 8-year-old in Indonesia, you can drop off a can of cranberry sauce to help make that underpaid person behind the counter have a little better of a Thanksgiving than they expected.  I truly hope Walmart is dropping a few cans.

It occurred to me after drawing this that I could have included an employee of McDonald’s.