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Hypocritic Birtherism

Birthers are funny people.  They choose to believe something without one piece of evidence.  None.  They just have this feeling.  Now many of them feel Ted Cruz is eligible to be president despite being born in Canada because his mother was an American citizen.  Well maybe they’re right.  Maybe that does make Cruz a natural born American Citizen.  But guess what.  That also means even if Obama was NOT born in the U.S. he would still be eligible to be president as his mom was an American born citizen.

Right wingers say they’re tired of the racism accusations.  They’re tired of race being brought into it.  So am I so will all you right wingers please stop bringing race into this?

There was no birtherism over John McCain who was born outside the United States or Mitt Romney for his dad’s residence in Mexico or now over Ted Cruz.  There was no Tea Party screaming about government spending during the Reagan, Bush I or Bush II administrations though they both outspent Obama.  No.  They both waited for a black guy to become president before they found those things upsetting.

Not only are birthers hypocrites for this, but those who don’t call them out on it but support a Ted Cruz candidacy are too.