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Redskins’ Name Change

Is the Redskins’ name offensive?  Of course it’s offensive to some people.  You can’t tell people what can and can not offend them.  As we see all the time, there’s always someone offended by something.  Quite frankly, I think it’ll be a Hell of a lot easier for those Tea Party types to change their name than it would be for a professional football team.

Now that I did this, I really don’t think the Redskins should change their name.  Not because it’s not offensive.  There is too much tradition and marketing in the name.  As some people and media outlets refuse to say the name “Redskins,” there would be others who would refuse to stop referring to the team as the “Redskins.”   The University of Mississippi stop using the Confederate flag years ago but people still wave it in support of Ole Miss.

Yes, it’s offensive to people.  But I think at this point of brand awareness, it’s too late to change it based upon the low number of those who are offended.  Some people will just have to continue to be offended.

A few months ago I got to see the comedian and actor Orlando Jones (thank you, Rhonda) and got to talk to him after the show.  He told me that he never offends anyone, people choose to be offended.  Well there ya’ go.  I’m gonna continue to steal that in the future.

Will the “Skins change their name?  Yes but not anytime soon.  At some point the NFL will force them to change it.  At this time there’s too much at stake financially, not just for the team but the entire NFL.

My point through all of this debate is this:  Stop telling people it’s not offensive.  How do you know?  You can keep your position of not changing the name but try to understand where the critics are coming from.

Fortunately for me I’m a New Orleans Saints fan.  I think actual Saints are only offended when the team plays like the A’ints.