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Shots At The Family Research Council

Some nutcase went to the Family Research Council with a gun (or guns) and attempted to shoot people.  A security guard stopped the guy and took a shot in the arm.  The motives haven’t been confirmed but a lot of websites, specifically right wing websites, have said the guy had issues with FRC because of their stances against homosexuality.  That’s probably true.

The Family Research Council is one of the groups funded by Chick-fil-A.  They oppose same-sex marriage.  They’ve gone so far as to equate homosexuality with pedophilia, made statements that repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” will lead to man-on-man rape in the military and finally…that gay activity should be criminalized and prosecuted.

That doesn’t mean they should be a target of violence.  I only support ridiculing them for being the backward religious zealots that they are.

A former FLS colleague of mine who works for some bizarre rightwing think tank in the midwest stated today on Twitter that liberals hate “hate” except when it targets right wing groups.  Hey, Einstein…that logic means all right wingers support violence against abortion clinics.  It’s always better to use an event like this to frame a narrative for political purposes than maybe, I don’t know, talk about efforts that might reduce such horrible incidents.  If some leftwing nut shoots at a rightwing outlet then it’s systematic of liberalism…but if a rightwing nut shoots at a leftwing outlet then it’s totally unrelated to any political idealogy.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the FRC as a hate group.  The Southern Poverty Law Center’s monitoring of hate groups is a resource used by the FBI.  Some have stated that FRC being labeled a hate group is what led to today’s violence.  OK.  So let’s not be honest anymore and call something for what it is.  Because the SPLC has gone after groups that encouraged violence or hatred against other groups, they’re often labeled as a biased far left fringe nut group.  The lesson here is that if you ever use facts you’re going to be labeled as the loony left.  Let’s just forget all the years the SPLC has tracked the KKK and Neo Nazis.

Also, how many weeks in a row are we going to have a shooting make national news before we can start talking about gun control…or maybe talk about profiling white people?

At any rate, shooting people is uncool.  Whether the target is left, right, religious or just a theater full of people trying to watch Batman.