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Mitt’s Veep Pick

I don’t agree with Mitt Romney on much and I don’t agree with Paul Ryan on much.  But I think for Mitt Romney, Ryan is a great choice.

No, nobody’s going to get excited but nobody was getting excited for Romney anyway.  There wasn’t anyone out there to help Mitt win a swing state, except for maybe Ryan.  Rubio wasn’t gonna do it.  Portman isn’t even known in his state of Ohio and Pawlenty is booooooooooring.  Ryan brings energy, youth and actual brains to the operation (not that Mitt is stupid, he’s just gaffe prone and kinda clueless).

Conservatives aren’t excited about Romney.  If there was at least one decent candidate in the primaries then that candidate would have cake walked to the nomination.  Romney was the default.  Conservatives know Ryan is one of them and don’t suspect him as much as they do Romney.  So Ryan will get them out on voting day.

Ryan is smart.  He’s not dumb and inexperienced like Sarah Palin.  I’m sure he was vetted.  He doesn’t have any real experience with foreign policy which makes this ticket free of any foreign policy experience unless you count Mitten’s offshore tax havens as experience.

The issue here is what Ryan wants to do with Medicare and Medicaid.  The fact Ryan wants to give Mitt Romney another huge tax cut (Lord knows the poor guy needs it).  Good luck with Florida, Mitt.

Here’s a little known Ryan fact:  In high school he was voted biggest butt kisser.