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Death By Romney

Romney has ran a lot of misleading ads against Obama.  He’s claimed Obama is trying to give people welfare with no questions asked and that he’s denying voting rights.  Both are lies.  Romney said candidates should take ads off the air after they’re proven to be lies.  The fact sources Romney has cited to show misleading ads by Obama, have also fact checked  his ads and said they were lies.  Romney won’t remove them.

Yeah, I don’t like Romney.  I don’t think he stands for anything except being elected.  He can’t run on his record as governor because he’s against everything he did as governor.  He wants to run on his experience as a Bain Capitalist, but he doesn’t think it’s fair to be scrutinized.  He doesn’t have any plans except for cutting his own taxes and gutting government programs.  The dude is an emotionaless robot trying to hide his past.  His welfare ad is preying on racism.

However, I’m disgusted by the ad aired by the super pac, Priorities USA, supporting Obama.  Even though there’s not supposed to be any correlation between pacs and campaigns, Obama should publicly say he wants it removed (he can’t make them remove it, but he can publicly say how he feels).  The ad blames Romney for a man’s death.  Bain bought into a company, eventually closed it and a laidoff employee’s wife eventually died from cancer.  I would think the ad was fair if the entire Bain thing did contribute to the woman’s death, but even then it would be hard to pinpoint.

I’m not going to use the conservative defense of how long Romney was at Bain, he wasn’t at Bain when the company closed down, or how he was listed as sole shareholder.  The thing is, you can’t blame Mitt Romney for someone having cancer.  Yeah, it’s a sad story.  We can talk about insurance and coverage and there might be more of a question about that which would have nothing to do with either Romney or Obama.  But this ad, even for me, is too low.

I always tell conservatives “if Obama was really so bad, then why do they have keep making crap up?”  They make up a lot of crap.  I’ll tell my liberal friends this:  Romney is bad.  You don’t have to make crap up.