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Holy Bad Puns, Batman!!!

I hate puns.  I hate them because they’re usually obvious, unimaginative and non creative.  For people who write to fall back on a bad pun, to me that’s just lazy.  That said, I’m sure a lot of cartoonists are about to draw a comparison between the villian Bane in the new Batman movie to Romney’s former company Bain Capital.  I’m shocked I’ve only seen one cartoon already with this comparison and of course Rush Limbaugh has cited it…showing how much that guy is a deep thinker.

Second off, it’s a bad comparison.  The Villain Bane would represent Occupy Wall Street more than a corporate guy maximizing profits.  Romney would be more Bruce Wayne, without the vigilantism.  Though I’m sure Romney has more than one secret lair with a car elevator.

Limbaugh said the entire Bane thing in the new movie is a hit on conservatives and Romney and such.  How stupid is this guy?  Bane first appeared in the comics in 1993, way before Mitt Romney ever ran for president, or even the U.S. Senate or Massachusetts governor…and probably way before most people had ever heard of Bain Capital.  On top of all that, this movie was in development way longer than the primaries ran…which I know is a very long time.  On top of all that, I thought the last Batman movie gave a thumbs up to a Republican presidents overreach.  Batman tapped into every single cell phone in Gotham City to find the Joker’s location.  It seems Dick Cheney would approve of such a measure as being a part of the Patriot Act.

Yes, I’m a geek.

Back to the original rant:  Cartoonists, writers, everyone…lay off the Bain-Bane puns and comparisons.  It’s weak, obvious and shows a true lack of creativity.  Aren’t you better than that?  Sadly, for a lot of you…no.  I will update this blog over the next week to showcase each Bane-Bain cartoon I come across.  You’ve been warned.