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GOP’s Fun With Science

Republicans are about as good with science as they are with facts.  They want voter ID laws, despite there being virtually no voter fraud happening.  They want to test welfare recipients for drugs, which they did in Florida which cost the state $45,780 to discover 2.6% were using marijuana (despite that, 25 other states are considering the legislation).  I can’t come up with a joke to make that funnier.  The facts are ridiculous enough.

Now when it comes to science they’re just dumb, but they’re choosing to be dumb.  Global warming is real.  Sea levels are rising.  97% of all scientists believe in global warming, just like they believe the earth is round.  Anyone who disagrees with that is paid to disagree, or they’ve been fed that info from those paid to disagree.  A lot of think tanks funded by oil companies are the ones dishing out that dirt.  Oil will eventually run out, but working on alternative energies now cuts into oil profits.  These people will sacrifice the future for their short term gains.

The Virginia General Assembly is so sensitive to the facts, they don’t even want to hear the terms “global warming” or “sea level rise.”  They funded a study on rising sea levels on the Virginia coastline, but the folks doing the study were given explicit directions not to use those terms, as it would upset the Tea Party types currently holding office.  If you’re going to fight something, you should probably learn what you’re fighting and at least admit it’s real.

About the only issues the General Assembly focused on last year was illegal immigration and abortion.  When we’re all under water and jobless, we can think our state lawmakers for the attention they’ve given to our real problems.