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Gay Judge

Oh no!  The gays are going to blend into normal day-to-day American society.  Wait, they’re already doing that and rightfully so.  I think it’s time for people to stop being so small minded, get rid of their 1950′s mindset and accept that every individual should be treated with dignity and respect, equally.  That’s really too much to expect from these crazies.  Yes, you are crazies.  If you were in the 1950′s and 60′s, you would have opposed voting rights for minorities.

In May, the Virginia’s General Assembly blocked Tracy Thorne-Begland, an openly gay attorney, from being appointed to the Richmond District Court.  This was an effort led by state senator Bob Marshall, famous for opposing women rights, latino rights and gay rights….basically any civil right.

This week the Richmond Circuit Court appointed the guy to the District Court.  Our governor, Bob McDonnell, sent out an email to the press saying the court did the right thing.  McDonnell, less than a decade ago had questioned whether gays could serve as judges because they were breaking the state’s now-invalidated anti-sodomy laws.   One of the legislators who joined the blockade of Thorne-Begland’s appointment has now said he’s changed his mind.  That’s some progress.  The appointment is temporary.  It will end a month after the General Assembly convenes in January unless they vote to keep the guy on the bench.  I’m hoping the tide will turn in his favor, not because he’s gay.  But because he’s qualified.  Him being straight or guy shouldn’t be a factor.

Don Blake is chairman of the Virginia Christian Alliance.  He’s upset over this appointment.  Speaking of the judges who appointed Thorne-Begland, he said “I do not believe any other immoral behavior — adultery, incest, polygamy or bestiality — would be condoned by any of these men.”  Here’s the thing, Mr. Blake.  being gay or straight doesn’t have anything to do with adultery, incest, polygamy or bestiality.  I think the most common sin mentioned there is “adultery” and if we got rid of everybody in politics or business who ever did that…well we wouldn’t have many left.  I think they also miss the fact that not everybody in government is required to go by “Christian values” because not everybody is a Christian.  I think there’s something in the constitution that says something about us not being a religious state.

Another organization upset over this is the Family Foundation of Virginia.  Well hey, family foundation folks…how did you get the right to define what is a “family?”  I think you might want to find another word for your glossy title.  I think the name “Homophobic Foundation of Virginia” is available.  You could probably even get the web domain for it.  That’ll look great before a .com.  You can have that advice for free.

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