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Crazy Conspiracy Theorists

Now that the facts are out that federal spending under Obama has NOT increased at a rate Republicans have been claiming, they’re going to stop saying it.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Not really.  They’ll continue with that lie just like they do about Obama’s apology tour.

Yes, it’s true.  If you measure the rate federal spending has increased since Eisenhower was president, Obama comes in dead last at 1.4%.  After Obama Ike comes in second at 3.6% and Clinton comes in third at 4.0%.  And for you conservatives out there, Reagan comes in at 8.6% and George W. Bush comes in at 5.8%.  This is going to be something Republicans will refuse to believe, no matter how true it is.

The narrative that’s plagued Democrats for years is that they tax and spend.  They don’t tax and spend anymore than Republicans do….in fact, they spend less.  The problem for Democrats is that the GOP is better at spinning lies than they are.

Now if Republicans want to gripe, they can say Obama doesn’t deserve all the credit for the low spending.  That would be accurate.  He wanted to spend more but Congress wouldn’t let him.  But the fact is spending has not increased under Obama.  Most spending in his first term (he’ll have a second) came in his first year from Bush’s programs.  Yes, blaming Bush again…but why ignore it?

Have fun with that, my GOP friends.  Don’t believe me?  Have a look for yourself at politifact.